Debra Humphreys

Picture of Debra HumphreysDebra Humphreys currently leads AAC&U’s national and state-level advocacy and policy efforts related to issues of student success and the quality of student learning in higher education. As part of AAC&U’s campaign, Liberal Education and America’s Promise: Excellence for Everyone as a Nation Goes to College, she is helping to build communications capacity on the part of college and university leaders and faculty members and educate the public about the value of an engaged liberal education to prepare for the changing global economy. Humphreys also leads the policy strand of AAC&U’s Lumina Foundation supported initiative, Quality Collaboratives, working in nine states to advance transfer and assessment policies that better account for students’ demonstrated accomplishment of learning.

Paul L. Gaston, III

Picture of Paul L. Gaston, IIIPaul L. Gaston, III, Trustees Professor at Kent State University, pursues a broad commitment to interdisci­plinary teaching and research in higher education reform, public policy, and the humanities. He is one of four authors of the Degree Qualifications Profile, published by Lumina Foundation. As a consultant to the Foundation, he makes frequent presentations describing the development of the Profile and its potential uses. His most recent book, Accreditation: How It’s Changing, Why It Must, was published in fall 2013 (Stylus Publishing). He is the author also of Revitalizing General Education (2014), The Challenge of Bologna (2010), Revising General Education, co-authored with Jerry Gaff (2009), and General Education and Liberal Learning (2010). His scholarly articles consider subjects as varied as early rock ‘n’ roll, the Italian novel, computer dominated futures trading, the future of the book, interart analogies, the poetry of George Herbert, the fiction of Walker Percy, and minor league baseball. He has been a member of the faculty of the AAC&U Institute on General Education and Assessment for 15 years. He earned both the M.A. and the Ph.D. from the University of Virginia, where he was a Woodrow Wilson Fellow.

Chris L. Heavey

Picture of Chris HeaveyChris Heavey is the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education at University of Nevada, Las Vegas. As Vice Provost he oversees general education, academic assessment, instructional development, online education, and academic advising. Over the past four years he has led the implementation of a new, vertically integrated General Education Curriculum at UNLV. Chris is also an associate professor of psychology and a licensed psychologist. He conducts research on inner experience, including the inner experience of those suffering from mental illness. He has held many different leadership and administrative positions during his career, including Associate Dean of the UNLV College of Liberal Arts and President of the Nevada State Board of Psychology.

Barbara Damron

Secretary, Higher Education Department, State of New Mexico

Daniel J. Howard

Provost, New Mexico State University

Dr. Charles Paine

Professor, Director of Rhetoric and Writing, Associate Chair for Core Writing, University of New Mexico

Ms. Robin Ramsey

Chair, College Curriculum Committee & Instructor, School of Adult & General Education, Central New Mexico Community College

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