Related Reading

Reading for General Education Reform

Revising General Education — And avoiding the Potholes: A Guide for Curricular Change

2009; Paul L. Gaston and Jerry G. Gaff


Degree Qualifications Profile
2014; Cliff Adelman, Peter Ewell, Paul Gaston, Carol Greary Schneider


General Education Transformed: How We Can, Why We Must
2015; Paul L. Gaston
$15 members, $25 non-members


Practical Approaches to General Education and Liberal Learning: Principles of Effective Practice
2010; Paul L. Gaston with J.E. Clark, A. S. Ferren, P. Maki, T. L. Rhodes, K. M. Schilling, and D. Smith


The LEAP Vision for Learning: Outcomes, Practices, Impact, and Employers Views


General Education Maps and Markers : Designing Meaningful Pathways to Student Achievement
$15 members, $25 non-members


The LEAP Challenge: Education for a World of Unscripted Problem


Recent Issue of Liberal Education


Background information, Cracking the Credit Hour, from the New America Foundation



Reading on Meta Majors

Rationale for meta-majors

From Compete College America (CCA)

From Educational Advisory Board (in conjunction with CCA, a comprehensive approach to guided pathways)

Meta Majors in Practice

From Florida: these are from Community Colleges although the legislation doesn’t seem to exclude 4-year institutions


From Rhode Island College


From Austin Peay University


Arizona State University’s version of guided pathways (implemented “eAdvisor” that automatically identifies and notifies students when they are “off track” towards graduation)


Overview of Georgia State reform efforts


University of Houston reform efforts (Seven colleges are implementing an MOU to coordinate reform efforts — site details how they will accomplish this):



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